Tania Wieclaw

Mum | Author | Fierce advocate for the neurodivergent community

About Tania

Where you live: Seaford, Victoria
Tell us about yourself:

I’m an autistic/ADHD mum of 2 little boys. My spare time is often spent building lego with the kids, but when I am not creating or with the kids, working, or cleaning, you will find me on the couch with a glass of wine and a good Netflix TV series decompressing and regulating. Pre-kids, you would find me at the cinema watching all of the new releases, then debriefing the whole movie from plot to cinematography and getting very excited about it all. I do love all forms of art, from writing and drawing to singing, but time doesn’t always allow me to be creative with little projects, so I try to fill my creative cup through my business
Business: When My Brain Is Messy

When My Brain Is Messy

About the book

When My Brain Is Messy is a children’s picture book following a lovable young dinosaur on a journey through sensory experiences, where they rely on their parents’ help to navigate overwhelming moments and big emotions. It’s a story filled with understanding, compassion, and finding inner calm through regulating activities.

What inspired you to publish your first book?
I wanted to help create a positive change in the world and how it views autism. This book is my way to help educate parents on how sensory sensitivities feel and co-regulating techniques to help with their children. It also has a message of self-acceptance to help young autistics embrace and feel empowered with who they are. 

"I wished I had done this course sooner!"

Self Publishing Journey

How long did it take you to complete the Self Publishing a Children’s Book Course?

I completed the course in stages as I progressed with my book. From concept to creation of my book, it took 50 days. So that was from writing my book to having the published copy in my hands. The course itself you could easily run through in one day.


What was the best thing about doing the course?

What was the best thing about my course? It covers all the bases you wouldn’t even consider thinking about when publishing your first book. It also offers templates to make the process easier. The BEST thing about it is the community Laura has created with the Facebook group. I’m on it daily exchanging information with other authors/soon-to-be authors, sharing wins and exchanging support with others on the same journey.


How do you think your journey to self-publishing would have been if you didn’t do my course?
It wouldn’t have happened. I’m not someone who can piece together the type of information Laura has done throughout the course. I would have hit many barriers and given up as I would not have had the first idea of where to look to get past these barriers. Fast forward to being immersed in the community of fellow self-published authors (outside of the community Laura has created), I still haven’t come across the in-depth information you get access to with this course.

Starting a business

Did you already have a business or did you start one from scratch for your book?
I did have another non-affiliated business, but the book business itself was started from scratch. That’s all social media accounts and websites.

Tell me about your experience of starting a business based on your book? 

I felt the business end of this book was the easy part for me. I have attempted businesses in the past, so have had the opportunity to learn and grow from them. I have recently finished my business degree, majoring in marketing, and feel having those qualifications has also helped me grow this book organically.


What has been the best thing about publishing your book so far? 

The best thing is the messages I get from all of the people who have read my book, how their children have responded to it, or how professionals are using my book to help autistic kids and families. It has truly made me feel like I have done some good in this world.


Life as an author

What have been some highlights since releasing your book? 
Almost every stockist I have contacted, has ordered books. I have had some big autistic advocate accounts share my book on their platform with more to come. I am now starting to get radio interview offers, so feel like there may be more to come.

How have things changed for you since releasing your first book? 

Everything has changed. I didn’t feel like I was on a path that was mine before releasing this book, often feeling unfulfilled and restless. I wanted to do something to make a difference for the neurodivergent community, so my children could grow up in a more friendlier world than I did, but felt I was hitting brick walls at every turn. Since releasing the book, receiving the feedback I have from so many individuals has given me hope that things are changing for the better.

What is next for you? Any more books coming?
There is another book in the making and another one that will follow. I am very excited about both of them, but don’t want to give anything away.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about publishing a book?

If you have a story, go for it! Often we regret the things we don’t do and the opportunities missed. I wished I had done this course sooner!

"Often we regret the things we don't do and the opportunities missed"

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