Sarah McPherson

Mum | Wife | Multiple Business Owner

About Sarah

Where you live: Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
Tell us about yourself:

I am a busy mum of four children and when I am not running them around to numerous activities, I love photography, Lego, writing books, reading books and anything Disney related. As well as the beach.
As a qualified early childhood educator, and a mother of four incredible children, my books draw from both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

Business: Tarva Publishing (and others)

Self Publishing Journey

What inspired you to publish your first book?

I have been telling my children and all their cousins stories of my first character Annabelle Rose for years, and I wanted to share the adventures with other families.


What is one of the best things about publishing your first book?

Seeing my story come to life.
My first book Annabelle Rose, was illustrated to showcase a young girl who wears glasses, this was not a part of the story, I have really enjoyed hearing from young children with glasses how they love to see themselves in a book, where it is not a part of the storyline.


How do you think your journey to self publishing would have been if you didn’t do the course?

I would be in the same spot I was for the previous five years, having everything ready to go, but no real motivation to take the first step.

How soon after you completed the course did you release your book?
Within a month.

"it was very exciting when friends would message me when they would see my books in bookstores, unexpectedly"

Sarah McPherson - Tarva Publishing

Annabelle Rose - Picture Book

Journey into the Magical Quilt, the book that started it all.

Annabelle Rose is beautiful book all about children’s imagination allowing children to learn all about colours and colour mixing, in a fun and imaginative way.

Life as an author

Tell us about any exciting milestones you have achieved since releasing your book

I have since released 12 more books, I’ve received multiple hot new releases and rankings in the best sellers list but my favourite is seeing my latest book, Baby and Me, start to really break into the American Market.

Also was very exciting when friends would message me when they would see my books in bookstores, unexpectedly.

How have things changed for you since releasing your first book? 

I am continuing to write and whilst I am still working with our other businesses, it is nice to have extra cash coming in each month.

What is next for you? Any more books coming?

I am about to release book 5, in my early reader childhood series. Annabelle Rose, the magical quilt collection. As well as working on a new series aimed at getting young boys reading more chapter books.

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about publishing a book?

Laura’s course is so clear and easy to understand. It gives you the confidence to self publish. 

"it is nice to have extra cash coming in each month."

Baby and Me – Big Sister/Big Brother versions

About the book

Baby and me is a beautiful heartwarming rhyming book all about having a new baby brother or sister.

Written from the perspective of the older sister, as they are imagining what it’s going to be like with a new baby in the family.

This book is the perfect book to explain a new baby to your older child.

Thinking of publishing your own story?

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