I Have An Angel – Children’s book on grief and loss (Female Angel Version)

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I Have An Angel – A children’s book on grief and loss

Female Angel edition (also available in male angel edition HERE)

A heart warming story, told through the perspective of a little bear, about staying connected to a cherished loved one who has passed away.



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I Have An Angel – A children’s book on grief and loss

Female Angel edition (also available in male angel edition HERE)

“I Have An Angel,” a heartfelt and comforting children’s picture book designed to support young children (ages 0-7) who have experienced the loss of a loved one. This beautifully illustrated book offers comfort, reminding children that their love will never be lost.

This thoughtful story revolves around a little bear and their “angel”, which is a beautiful blue bird, representing the departed loved one who is lovingly watching over them. It provides a comforting narrative that resonates deeply with children, offering them a sense of connection, love, and healing.

I Have An Angel is a cherished keepsake that encourages open conversations about loss and provides a source of comfort during challenging times. It is available in your choice of hardcover or paperback.


Q: What age group is this book suitable for?
A: This book is designed for children aged 0-7 who have experienced the loss of a loved one.

Q: Is this book suitable for remembering a sibling who was born sleeping?
A: This book is designed for children who have experienced the loss of a loved one, whether their loved one was old or young, a grandparent or a sibling they never got to meet.

Q: Does the book mention any specific religion?
A: The book embraces a universal approach and does not mention god or heaven but the story does include a page about “Christmas Day” and “birthdays” (see image)

Q: Is the book available in different formats?
A: Yes, the book is available in both hardcover and paperback, as well as Kindle, in male and female editions.

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Lovingly written by Laura Feldman and illustrated by Olha Rastvorova
26 pages
Available in hardcover and paperback
Proudly printed in Melbourne

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Customer Reviews

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Teneille Storey
Beautiful book

Very special book, my husband and I lost our parents 6 weeks apart this book has been very helpful with our boys understanding losing loved ones.


My mum passed away on the 19th of October after a very sudden short illness. She has been coming back to me as a little bird who sits on my deck railing. When this book happened to pop up on my instagram feed, I knew it was her sending me a sign I had to buy it. And wasn’t she right! The book is so beautifully written and illustrated and will be perfect to read with my little 3yo who adores his “Nay” and I can tell is missing her, even though he can’t articulate it yet, or fully understand. Thank you so much 🩷🪽

Elaine Mills
Very sweet

Beautiful little book. Brought this for my little girl who was having trouble understanding where her loved ones are now they have passed. Thank you Laura it’s really helped her.


Gorgeous book and beautiful illustrations
Perfect for little ones, beautiful keepsake

I Have An Angel

This is discharged a beautiful book and a perfect way to explain how my little ones Nanna is not a ghost but an angel watching over her. It made myself and my work colleagues start to tear up upon reading and the sentiment is lovely 🥰 so exquisitely packaged too . I just love this book and I’m sure we will reread this many times over in the year’s too come.

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