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About Danielle

Where you live: Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia 
Tell us about yourself:

I spend all my free time at the beach. I have a son named Kade and I’m lucky enough to spend my days at home with him.  
Business: Before Big School

Before Big School

About the book

Before Big School explores the academic, emotional, and social aspects of school readiness and is filled with practical ideas and activities which can be embedded into your day. With a focus on incidental, meaningful and play-based learning experiences, Before Big School aims to assist parents in preparing their children for school without the use of structured learning- no flashcards or worksheets required.


What inspired you to publish your first book?


When I was teaching prep, I came across parents who felt overwhelmed by the start to school.

They had concerns about their child’s readiness, doubts over whether they should send them early or to repeat another year of kindergarten and were unsure how to best prepare their child at home.

While there is plenty of information online about school readiness, I couldn’t find many parent friendly resources that covered what I believed they needed to know and that I was happy to refer them to.

I wanted something simple, practical, and informative.

After the birth of my son, I began to think about his start to school.

What would I want him to know and be able to do before he walked through that classroom door?

How would I prepare him at home?

This is when the idea for my first book Before Big School was born.

I decided to create my own resource for parents to support their little one’s learning journey at home and their start to school.

Pippa's Worry Monster

About the book

Pippa’s Worry Monster is a story about a little girl with a ‘worry monster”. This story helps children to understand the power of positive self talk when dealing with worries. 


"Do it! I spent so long wondering if I should and I’m so glad I did it. "

Self Publishing Journey

What has been the best thing about publishing your book?

The opportunities it’s lead to. I’ve since released an online course based on my first book and started a school readiness/learning support business on the Sunshine Coast.

Since its release in March 2022, Before Big School has made its way into hundreds of parent’s hands and has been featured on Mamamia and Beyond the Bump podcast. 



What do you think is the best thing about the Self Publishing a Children’s Book Course?

Definitely Laura’s personal touch and the self publishing club (Facebook page). I had so many questions answered and great advice not just from Laura but the other members of the group. 

Author business

Did you already have a business or did you start one from scratch for your book?

I started my business from scratch.

I wrote my first book on maternity leave and chose to self publish so I could keep creative control. I hired Katherine Richardson, a talented Tasmanian illustrator to illustrate both of my books and she was AMAZING. 

How have things changed for you since releasing your first book?

I’ve launched my online course and learning support business which has been amazing. 

What is next for you? Any more books coming?

No more books in the works but another online course coming and I’m beginning a Masters degree in March. 

What would you say to anyone who is thinking about publishing a book?

Do it!
I spent so long wondering if I should and I’m so glad I did it. 

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