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Laura Feldman Australian Children's Book Author
Children’s picture book Author, Laura Feldman, calls Ballarat (Victoria) home sweet home, where she lives with her husband and two young kids. Those little rascals are the inspiration behind all the magic, inspiring her to write stories that entertain and make them laugh.
Laura Feldman - Australian Childrens Book Author
Laura Feldman - Self Publishing a Children's Book Australia

Laura’s journey to “authorhood” began with her first picture book, “Lockdown Baby” which skyrocketed to international success in 2021 faster than a toddler can fling spaghetti across the room!

The heartfelt, keepsake book struck a chord with parents all over the globe, with its beautiful rhyming story and relatable illustrations.
Laura has since released two new picture books, “I Have An Angel”, a comforting children’s book on grief and loss, and “Shawn The Prawn”, a humorous story about a silly little prawn who spends the day at the beach and learns some crispy consequences about being out in the sun.
Laura particularly enjoys writing stories to entertain with subtle, meaningful messages, while keeping children captivated with an interesting and humorous storyline.
After writing and self publishing her first two international best sellers, Laura is now on a mission to empower aspiring authors to bring their children’s picture books to life through the highly recommended Self Publishing a Children’s Picture Book Course.
With over 300 members within 4 months, seeing aspiring authors bring their first books to life makes her happier than a kid in a toy shop!
More about Laura…
What do you like to do when you’re not writing or teaching self publishing?
I love travelling. We have an old caravan and love to explore with the kids, especially places that are warmer than Ballarat!
Did you always want to be an Author? 
Not really!
Apart from when I was a kid. I mean, we all dreamed of publishing our own stories (right?) and sadly we lose a lot of our creativity and our incredible imaginations as we grow up.
Having my own children has rekindled this creative spark in me.
What made you write books?
I wrote my first book “Lockdown Baby” for my daughter as a personal project and have been hooked ever since.
Have you always lived in Ballarat?
Yep. Except for a short stint living in the UK.
Tell us something weird about you?
I don’t really watch TV.
Every now and then I will get into a series or watch a movie on Netflix, but I probably watch an hour or less of TV a week.
What is your favourite thing about publishing books?
Receiving messages from readers saying that they were touched by my story and sharing how it resonated with them, especially my book on grief and loss “I Have An Angel”.  
What is your favourite children’s picture book?
There are too many to choose!
One of our favourites that is in high rotation right now is If I had a Crocodile by Gabby Dawnay and Alex Barrow.
Laura Feldman - Australian Childrens Book Author and Self Publishing Coach

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